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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Final Post

Delia Garcia

Dr. Lambiase, you are such an inspiration because of your bravery. I look foward to next semester (pr case studies) and stay strong. Thank you for such a great semester!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Media

The media is always filled with situations that often cause controversy. Why are there no minorities or there are no women. The media is a huge pool of opinons and expectations. I got in an argument the other day when a girl sad that she will never watch tv again because it does not conform to her standards. I honestly almost hit her over the head. Nothing will ever be ok for everyone. Why must everything be so complicated.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Ads and Gender

I was reading this magazine the other day that featured a snickers marathon bar. In the magazine condition both a female and male depiction of the ad. I question, Why does the media depict gender to be so different? Are we that complex that the media can not view one gender over the other? This representation is a perfect example of my theme analysis, which analyzed Runner's World Magazine. I guess we will never know? I guess gender is now facing the same discrimination as minorities. This sounds familiar....


We started watching this movie in class titled "Bamboozled." There was one part of the film that really struck a cord. The two black actors that were to perform in a minstrural show were putting on their black face. This part of the movie was extremely sad. It is hard to watch and understand how little we have come since the past. Spike Lee produced this satire film that was honestly very true. I wonder if this satire film would have an effect on the Hispanic community if a movie was done about their satirical motives and characteristics. Our country has not come far at all. I wish the media and people would just look at people as people and only people. It really shocks me that color or ethnicities still have such a prominent role when depicting a person.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

So I was thinking...

When I began to write my theme anyalsis, alot of different ideas came to mind. I know that many people have problems with the cosmopolitan magazine and the self magazine, but I wanted to do something that had more of its own image to it. I decided to look at Runner's world magazine and anaylsis how they depict different men and women in the magzine. To my suprise it turned out that if a woman was pictured on the cover more ads about women were displayed in the magazine. I thought this was very odd and felt that I needed to blog about it. My theme anyalisis really discusses this issue so if anyone feels they would like to talk about this with me you are more than welcome to email me.. It is a pretty instresting issue.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Minorities in the Media

Yes, I am a minority and we are depicted horribly. We passed around an ad today that talked about huevos con tortugas. The ad was of a mexican woman trying to prevent men from eating turtle eggs. My question of the day is... Why does the media portray mexican people as idiots. Even nuvelas portray these stupid chracters that act as if they have no common sense. I just wonder where in the heck they get these ideas or thoughts to print or run stupid hispanics in the media. Hispanics are not stupid and we deserve some crediblity. I feel it is time that the media actully protray us as civilized human beings. I am not mad or anything...

Diesel Ad

The other day we passed around a ad that featured a man with several legs wrapped around him. It was an ad for diesel jeans. The ad was absolutely horrible and I was astonished to learn that cosmo printed this ad. Ha I am teasing, Cosmo would print an ad like that one. Does the media have a restriction on what they can print in the media? The guy's face was practicly in the girls vagina. Seriously we need to get a print restriction around here.
Why is that magazines can print whatever they want whenever ever they want? I don't understand. I understand freedom of print, but sometimes ads just go a little too far

Monday, October 10, 2005

Women in the Media

This passed week we have been talking about women and how they are portrayed in the media. It is sad, but yes we are portrayed as sex objects and or symbols. This past week we decided to look at magazines and the different ads that they have in them. Oddly enough we found articles directed at sex and articles about sex. !!! Ironic I know! The media is filled with sex. We are disgusting Americans who view sex as a great thing and seem to only be attracted to things that have any sex connotations. What can I say... Americans are just sexy. I know I'm lieing

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm watching Gigli

So I decided to watch Gigli. This movie is awful first off. And portrays Jennifer Lopez as this tough, bitch character. In the media she is dipicted as a sex symbol. If that is the case why is she not a bitch in real life... or maybe she is? She seems to be molded by the media. She does stuff that would sell money and magazines. Why then make a movie like Gigli? The media is sooo weird!